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Healthy Foot Habits!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Healthy Foot Habits!

1. Daily inspection - look at and touch your feet everyday.

2. Daily washing - Do not soak sore feet.

3. Drying feet- Dry between the toes.

4. Moisturize - Always moisturise feet.

5. Nail care - Trim nails straight across.

6. Treat common foot problems.

7. Socks - Change your socks daily.

8. Shoe selection and care - Wear well fitting shoes.

9. Foot exam - Check your feet for cuts and scrapes daily.

10. Exercise - Regular exercise is key (walk/swim).

11. Get proper medical attention - Visit your footcare nurse/ podiatrist.

12. Take care of your health - Eat well, sleep well.

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