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Genesis light can be used in the treatment of pain in the cellular level

Why do we have pain?


As our bodies age, dealing with occasional aches or chronic pain can begin to seem like a never ending battle.  This can lead to a steady stream of over the counter and prescription medications, heating pads and hot baths.

The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is a natural, drug free treatment for managing and relieving age related pain that can be used at home.

To learn more about how the Genesis Pain Relief Light™ can help manage and relieve age related pain, click to choose from the menu of common conditions.

The Genesis Pain Relief Light


The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is an effective medical device that alleviates pain and stimulates healing at the cell level by concentrating broad spectrum light through an innovative water based filter. Developed and tested in Canada, this Health Canada licensed and FDA approved handheld device can be used to diminish age and athletic related muscle pains and injuries, as well as accelerating the healing process.

What kind of pain does it heal?


Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, muscle strains and injuries can really slow you down and inhibit your ability to enjoy what you love to do.

The Genesis Pain Relief Light’s™ proven technology stimulates healing at the cell level, diminishing down time from athletic injuries.

To learn more about this drug free treatment for managing and relieving pain caused by athletic injuries and over-exercise using the Genesis Pain Relief Light can be used to treat the following common conditions.

Ankle SprainAnkle StrainElbow SprainElbow StrainFrozen Shoulder,
Golfer’s ElbowHamstring PullKnee SprainStudent’s ElbowTennis ElbowThumb SprainWrist Sprain

How it works!


The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ produces broad spectrum light that passes through our unique fluid based filter, removing all but visible light and Near Infrared A, which translates into high penetration healing properties.

Near Infrared A light accelerates healing at the cell level by stimulating the mitochondrion membrane to produce ATP, the fuel that all cells utilize to perform cellular activities, including cellular repair and collagen production.

Healing light is used fort he treatment and reduction of amputation with healing at the cellular level
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