2fixfeet is a Medically Advanced Nursing Foot Care Company

  • Started in 2014 to fill the need for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in the Waterloo Region

  • Located in the Waterloo/Wellington Region

  • Our clients include Seniors, Vets, and anyone with feet;

    • people who can't SEE their feet 

    • people who can't FEEL their feet 

    • people who can't REACH their feet &

    • people who have difficult to trim nails.


Advanced Nursing Foot care:

  • Nursing foot care is an integral part of Nursing care

  • It is a nurturing and holistic Service

  • Promotes and fosters independence

  • Encourages and maintains clients' abilities and strengths

  • Promotes growth and independence 

  • Provides non-invasive skin & nail care of the feet 

Duties of the Foot Care Nurse:

  • Observe and assess the client with regards to their health history and the status of their feet.

  • Identify and describe soft tissue pathology, nail pathology, bone structure changes, high risk factors, and provide appropriate management  and teaching.

  • Identify foot health problems that require referrals.

  • Collect and document data related to foot health & maintain foot care records.

  • Perform foot care skills pertaining to cutting & filing nails including thickened nails, fungal nails; corns/callous reduction; massage.

  • Contribute to patient education, regarding foot health and appropriate footwear.

Functions of the feet:

  • Balance

  • Stability

  • Shock Absorption

  • Sensory


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Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (Cafcn.ca)


The photographs herein are a cross section of feet we have worked on at 2fixfeet.


Here are some before and after pitures.






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