Best time to shop for shoes

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Wearing proper fitting shoes can prevent foot ailments. Here’s how;

  • The size of your feet changes over the course of the day and as you grow older. Always measure your feet prior to buying new shoes and the best time to buy is at the end of the day when feet are largest.

  • Most of us have one foot larger than the other, so fit the larger foot.

  • Don’t select shoes by the size of the shoe but how it fits.

  • Select shoes shaped like your feet.

  • Don’t buy shoes that are tight and expect them to expand, they don’t.

  • Don’t just sit to fit shoes, walk around in them, see how they feel

  • Allow some space at the tip of the largest toe especially when standing.

  • Make sure the ball of the foot fit in the widest part of the shoe.

  • Most importantly walk around in the shoes when you get home to ensure it still feels comfortable and does not slip off at the back.

Years of wear and tear can be hard on our feet.

So can disease, poor circulation, improperly trimmed toenails and ill-fitting shoes.

To prevent foot problems: